Who we are

The hustle, the bustle and the movement of City life…
The blood, sweat and tears…
The early mornings or late afternoons…
The in-between-meetings-workout sessions, followed by the quick coffee break…

That’s where Urban Clothing comes in!

Our apparel will suit your on-the-go lifestyle and has been designed to make you look comfortable whilst on-trend.

When you do not have the time to think about your outfit, we will think for you.

Urban Socks was established in July 2020, focussing primarily on selling Stance®️ socks. Within 3 months we saw a need for expansion and the unique clothing brand, Urban Bull, was created, upholding the same high-quality standards as its predecessors. To unify both these brands under one name, Urban Clothing was formed.

Chris Adams, our director and visionary leader, was a lifestyle architect for 15 years before he stepped out and became an entrepreneur. Starting numerous businesses before, but finally now focusing on building, nurturing and growing Urban Clothing; Fit for the on-the-go Urban Lifestyle market, full of young active men and women, it was designed to reach.


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